Team Helmet Paint Pricing

To qualify for team pricing, the order must be greater than 20 helmets. All helmets must be submitted together as a whole. Helmets from the same order that are submitted separately will be treated as single orders and will be charged as such. All helmets need to have the padding removed prior to sending them in or there will be a Break-Down/Rebuild charge of $25 per helmet. All we need are the Shells and Facemasks if you’re getting those recoated. Please remove all Facemask Clips, Quick Release Clips, and Visors from your facemask before shipping. Anything left on the masks will not be returned.

Standard Paint
Gloss $40
Matte $45
Metallic $40
Specialty Paint
Blaze $75
Kandy $75
Satin $55
Neons Call for pricing
Color shift Call for pricing
Standard Fade $60
Low Edge Fade $60
Front Fade $60
Rear Fade $60
Wings $165
2-Tone Split
All Gloss $70
All Matte $85
Gloss & Matte $80
Center Stripes
Tier 1 $25
*includes 1″-3″ all Standard Paints
Tier 2 $30
*includes 1″-3″ all Standard Paints

Standard Fade

Front Fade

Rear Fade

Low Edge Fade


2-Tone Split

Helmets that have been painted with Spray Paint, Plasti-Dip, or have any type of foreign substance on them will not be accepted. Also, the following helmet models will incur an additional charge due to their Polymer and Thermoplastic Elastomer Shells and/or the additional parts on the helmet; Schutt F7, Xenith Shadow, and all Vicis.

Schutt F7
*Tektonic Plates
Xenith Shadow
*Flex Additive
*Flex Additive

Do you really want to make a statement? Adding some Pearls or Flakes to your paint will never let you down and definitely get you noticed!

Paint Enhancers
Pearl Flakes
Tier 1 $30 Tier 1 $10
Tier 2 $30 Tier 2 $15
Tier 3 $20 Tier 3 $20
Riddell: Schutt:
Strap Loc’s $15 Outer Stabilizer’s $15
Strap Loc’s $15
Ratchet Loc’s $15 Universal
Cam Loc’s $15 Chinstrap Hardcups $20
Screw Valve Covers $15

Blue Pearl

Gold Flake