Individual Helmet Paint Pricing

Standard Paint
Gloss $60
Matte $60
Metallic $60
Specialty Paint
Blaze $105
Color Shift $135
Kandy $90
Neons $100
Satin $75
Standard Fade $85
Low Edge Fade $85
Front Fade $85
Rear Fade $85
Wings $185
2-Tone Split
All Gloss $90
All Matte $105
Gloss & Matte $100
Center Stripes
Tier 1 $30

*includes 1″-3″ all Standard Paints

Tier 2 $35

*includes 1″-3″ all Specialty Paints

Standard Fade

Front Fade

Rear Fade

Low Edge Fade


2-Tone Split

All helmets need to have the padding removed prior to sending them in or there will be a Break-Down/Rebuild charge of $25 per helmet. Also, the following helmet models will incur an additional surcharge due to their Polymer and ThermoPlastic Elastomer shells and/or additional helmet pieces they have; Schutt F7, Xenith Shadow, and all Vicis.

  • Helmets that have been Spray Painted, Plasti-dipped, or have any type of foreign substance on them WILL NOT be accepted.
Schutt F7 $20
*Tektonic Plates x 2
Xenith Shadow $30
*Flex Additive
Vicis $30
*Flex Additive

Do you really want to make a statement? Adding some Pearl or Flakes to your paint will never let you down and will definitely get you noticed!

Paint Enhancers
Pearl Flakes
Tier 1 $15 Tier 1 (Light Flake) $15
Tier 2 $20 Tier 2 (Medium Flake) $20
Tier 3 $25 Tier 3 (Heavy Flake) $25
Riddell Schutt
Strap Loc’s $15 Outer Stabilizer’s $15
Ratchet Loc’s $15
Cam Loc’s $15 Universal
Screw Value Covers $15 Chinstrap Hardcups $20

Blue Pearl

Gold Flake